Your Breath Journey
Breathwork Practitioner Training
Kangaroo Valley, NSW.

10 days of robust,
caring and liberating
Breathwork training.

Listen to what this adventurous Breathwork Training is about:

August 13 to August 22
Jacks Corner Retreat,
Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Super early bird till March 22nd save $1000 on tuition.

During this adventurous and transformational Breathwork Training you will;

1) Receive 8 Breath Journey sessions - we will focus on gathering insights for you to have the best possible healing outcome.

2) Learn the graceful and caring skills of giving Breathwork sessions for others.

3) Learn the grounding and embodying technique of bio-energetics and why it is an important component of Breathwork healing.

3) Clarify and reveal to yourself the body/mind connection.

4) Create life long friendships, connections and professional bonds.

5) Immerse yourself in the stunning local landscape of the Kangaroo Valley and Southern Highlands. We will be exploring some local sites.

Tuition Fee:

Super Early Bird to 22.03.21 $1990

Early Bird to 31.05.21 $2700

After 1.06.21 $2990

Young adult (18-25) $1800

Food and accommodation -

Secure your place now with a $700 deposit.

Maximum 12 students and you get not one but two teachers!

This is Module 1 of a 5 Module training. Our training is rigorous and aligns with the Australian Breathwork Association.

Some of the topics you will cover in this revealing Module "A Journey to the Roots of Breathwork" are;

Pre and peri natal psychology

We look at the work of Frank Lake and Stan Grof - what happens to you as an organism in utero? Can the feelings of your mother be registered by you in the womb? What impact can this have on our lives?

Some of the subjects we cover in detail are -

Breath, Feeling and Regression - Breathwork from a body-mind perspective.

Body Memory and Trauma - What happens to the body after emotional trauma and/or physical accidents?

Why Babies Cry - Getting to the heart of infantile imprints. 

Bringing Your Shadow Out of the Dark  - An Inside Look at Your Shadow in a safe and caring way.

How your birth story influences patterns in life.

How to work with and go towards healing birth trauma with your clients.

The Practice of a Breathwork session

We go in depth to teach you how to conduct a Breathwork session - the music, the setting, how to observe subtle changes in the breath, how to get your breather engaged if they are 'checking out' and the importance of the integration phase of the Breathwork Journey.

In summary, this 10 day Breathwork training and personal journey is the most advanced on offer in Australia, if not the world.

There is time left to capture the super early bird and save $1000 on the tuition fee.

Inspired breath offers on-the-level brand of breathwork training for therapists and anyone seeking personal change, who won’t be fooled by another fad fix. Phil Morey is the real deal, his own liberation through breathwork has shaped him as a masterful teacher, breathwork facilitator and retreat leader. His dry humour and deep knowledge of the work provide the right balance of nurture and adventure for deep healing and transformation.

To avoid confusion Inspired Breath don't use the Wim Hof method. So no cold immersions. You will have, however, an immense deepening journey!

Questions? Message me.


Any cancellation will result in a total loss of the $700 AUD deposit. For cancellations up to 31st January, 50% of the the tuition fee will be retained by Inspired Breath. For cancellations up to 28th February 70% of the tuition fee will be retained by Inspired Breath. Cancellations after this date will result in total loss (100%) of tuition fees and food and accommodation costs which will be retained by Inspired Breath.

Cancellations cannot be 'rolled over' to future retreat events. We reserve the right to cancel the event if it is not meeting the event minimum (if we do so your deposit and any full fee is refunded in full). We reserve the right to determine if you are not a good fit for this event (if we do so your deposit will be refunded in full).

(This deposit is a commitment to coming and is non-refundable - COVID-19 exception - I will offer FULL refunds up until 2 weeks before commencement (no loss of deposit) if you cannot get to the retreat due to border restrictions or significant COVID outbreaks in your home location or in the Nowra / Southern Highlands area.)